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ah, Leo. the leader, and the one most serious about being a ninja among his brothers. no frills or unnecessary equipment on him, everyt...

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i was tagged by Shellsweet to answer a few questions.

1. Write the rules
2. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you.
3. Make your own 13 questions.
4. Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged. Don't just say "You're tagged if you read this"
5. It is forbidden not to tag anyone.

here goes.

1. What are you up to today?
not much. i just finished a picture that's a birthday present for a close friend of mine, and i'm feeling pretty good with how it turned out.
2. What's your favorite thing to draw? (Or write!)
one could hazard a guess by looking through my gallery, but i'm a big Spider-Man fan, so i have pictures and costume ideas all over the place. i'm flexing my writing muscle by doing short little stories about a few of my characters.
3. Favorite snack?
nine times out of ten, if it's chocolate, i won't complain.
4. What was the worst thing you ever tasted in your entire life?
flu medicine i took back when i was ten. looked like water, tasted like soap. 
5. Do you like to take naps?
on occasion, but i like staying awake.
6. What are some of your inspirations?
some of the cartoons i grew up on, like JLU, Teen Titans, and X-Men: Evolution. i can't go without mentioning some of the amazing people i've met on dA as well, like Shellsweet, Harseik, and Atrox-C 
7. Reading anything good lately?
i'm currently going through Alexandre Dumas' The Three Musketeers, and i'm enjoying it.
8. What was the last movie you saw?
Kong: Skull Island. better than i expected it to be.
9. Which do you choose first when you play Rock, Paper, Scissors?
Rock. always Rock.
10. Do you collect anything? 
if old sketchbooks count, then yeah.
11. Sunshine or Rainy Days?
Sunshine for life.
12. Do you have any pets?
no, but my little brother did.
13. Favorite Childhood memory?
there was this one girl in my class i had a huge crush on back in middle school. she was pretty cool. we were friends until she transferred out.

my questions:
1. What is it you're most afraid of?
2. What is the one thing you care about more than anything else?
3. What do you want out of life?
4. If you could go back in time and give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?
5. How do you spend your free time?
6. Power, Speed, or Defense? (pick one)
7. What has been your best day so far?
8. Are you a morning person?
9. What's the worst injury you've received?
10. What's the most important quality you look for in a friend?
11. Are you good at cooking?
12. If you could take a trip to any place on the planet all expenses paid, where would you go?
13. What's the best dream you've had?

now, who to tag...

PizzaPupperRoni Harseik Acerbical AshleyxBrooke PPGirl16 Cecilia23Artist AnimeEve
Fenalith ATOMONEY  TheOneNamedZoe  Pencil-and-Pastel  MethusulaComics Psyche-Angel

don't feel like you have to participate if you don't want to. just thought it'd be fun.
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Christian. animation student. huge nerd.



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